The Tale of Peter Rabbit

by Beatrix Potter

The Tale of Peter Rabbit tells the story of a naughty little bunny who decides to disobey his mother and venture into Mr. McGregor’s garden. What starts off as a wonderful adventure full of tasty garden treats turns into a day full of danger for poor little Peter.

Young readers will enjoy the action and suspense of this captivating tale, holding their breath until Peter’s fate is discovered. Will Peter’s mother discover where he has gone? Will Mr. McGregor catch him and turn him into rabbit pie? Will he ever find his way home again?

The beautiful, iconic watercolor artwork adds to the depth of this story, drawing the reader in to the many perils that Peter faces. This classic (the second best-selling children's book of all time!) has been charming children and adults alike for over 100 years and is sure to continue doing so for generations to come.

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The Very Hungry Caterpillar

by Eric Carle

It’s not often that one of the most miraculous lessons in science is taught in such beautiful and engaging manner. The Very Hungry Caterpillar teaches children the concept of metamorphosis in a manner that even the youngest of readers will understand.

Children will love the greedy little caterpillar that tries to eat healthy then discovers the appeal of junk food only to pay the price for such indulgence. All is well in the end as the charming little caterpillar turns into a beautiful butterfly. Beyond the science, this book includes counting, days of the week, nutrition, plus the holes in the food that are just so darn fun to stick little fingers through. Sure to be an all-time favorite!


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St. Patrick's Day in the Morning

By Eve Bunting
Illustrated by Jan Brett

St. Patrick's Day in the Morning -

Even if your family did not sail from the Emerald Isle you will find yourself drawn to Ireland by this warm and lively St. Patrick's Day tale by Irish author Eve Bunting.

His family has told Young Jamie he was too small to walk in the annual parade all the way up Acorn Hill. Determined to prove them wrong, Jamie awakens early and sets out with his trusty dog Nell on the most wonderful early morning walk through the village and to the top of Acorn Hill. Rich illustrations by Jan Brett are full of detail but minimal in color, highlighting the greens and yellows that evoke the jaunty feeling of this festive day. This is a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day read-aloud that just may inspire you and your young reader to dance an Irish jig or two.

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