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Make Your Own Sidewalk Chalk

This activity was inspired by Tomie dePaola's The Art Lesson. To learn more about the book and see all of our The Art Lesson's activities click here


Kids will love to see how to make their own sidewalk chalk and easily mix up their favorite color. Once you've made your own chalk, get outside and make sidewalk pictures like Tommy does on the first page. 

Mixing the plaster can get messy, so you might want to make this project outside!



  • Plaster of Paris (found at home-improvement stores)
  • Liquid food coloring, gel food coloring, or tempera paint
  • mixing bowls (plastic butter tubs work well)
  • bathroom tissue tubes
  • plastic wrap
  • rubber bands 
  • mixing spoons
  • measuring cups

  DIY Sidewalk Chalk

  1. Make your molds: For each stick of chalk, take 1 tissue roll and cover one end with a small piece of plastic wrap and secure with a rubber band. 
  2. For each color, mix 3/4 cup Plaster of Paris and 1/4 cup water in a small mixing bowl. 
    DIY Sidewalk Chalk

  3. Add  food coloring or paint to color the plaster. Mix well.  
    DIY Sidewalk Chalk 
  4. Spoon the plaster into the molds until full. 
    DIY Sidewalk Chalk
  5. Let the plaster harden for 30 minutes until set. Remove the plastic wrap and peel the cardboard off the chalk. The chalk will not be fully dry, so leave it for a few hours to finish drying. 
  6. Once dry, head outside to make your own chalk drawings!
    DIY Sidewalk Chalk



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