Spider Crackers with Sweet Potato Hummus, Part 2
Very Busy Spiderwebs

Barnyard Animal Creative Movement

The story of The Very Busy Spider involves several of the animals you would expect to find in a barnyard approaching the spider and asking it if it would like to frolic with them in their characteristic activity (such as a horse galloping). Prompt your child to act like each of the animals that visits the spider. Make sure you try it with your reader: Don't be afraid to act silly!

Can you...

  • Gallop like a horse?
  • Munch on grass like a cow?
  • Run in the meadow like a sheep?
  • Jump on the rocks like a goat?
  • Roll in the mud like a pig?
  • Chase a cat like a dog?
  • Curl up and take a nap in the sun like a cat?
  • Swim and paddle in the water like a duck?
  • Run around like a rooster and catch a pesky fly? Don’t forget to flap your wings!
  • Glide through the night sky like an owl?
  • Sleep in your web like a very busy spider?

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