An Old House Covered with Vines
Big Pumpkin

More Madeline Fun

In addition to the following, we have many more activities for you to do after reading Madeline, like making french fries, or an old house covered with vines

Time to Operate

In the story, Madeline is rushed to the hospital to have her appendix taken out. Be like Dr. Cohn and and take out Cavity Sam's Butterflies in the Stomach (and Broken Heart, and Charley Horse...) by playing a game of Operation

Travel to Madeline's Paris

Madeline is filled with illustrations featuring the sights and monuments of Paris. Most copies feature a list of these scenes in the back of the book. Your young reader (and little world traveler!) might want to see pictures of the some of the actual monuments. Also included with each site are some fun facts and historical information. 

If you and your young reader enjoyed Madeline and learning about Paris, you might also enjoy reading This is Paris by Miroslav Sasek!


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