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Very Busy Spiderwebs

This craft was inspired by The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle. Check out all of our activities inspired by The Very Busy Spider

Weave your own web on a piece of black construction paper like the spider in The Very Busy Spider. Dipping the chalk in water before drawing prevents it from smudging and rubbing off the paper.

 Very Busy Spiderwebs art activity inspired by The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle -


Very Busy Spiderwebs


  • 1 sheet of black construction paper
  • 2-1/2 inch square of green construction paper
  • 2-1/2 inch square of red construction paper
  • White chalk
  • Brown pipe cleaner – cut into 8 equal lengths
  • Glue
  • Crayons, markers, or colored pencils
  1. With a piece of chalk, have your young reader draw their own spider web on the piece of black construction paper. Encourage free drawing – there is no right or wrong way to draw the web. 
  2. Once the web is finished, set it aside to dry. Give your child the squares of red and green construction paper and ask him to cut the edges off to make each of them into circles.
  3. Glue the circles on the drawn spiderweb to make the spider’s body.
  4. Glue four sections of pipe cleaner on each side of the spider’s body to make legs.
  5. Use crayons or markers to give the spider a face. 


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