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Turkey Puzzle Snack

This art activity was inspired by A Turkey for Thanksgiving. To learn more about the book and to see all our Turkey for Thanksgiving activities, click here

Provide some edible pieces and have fun with your reader assembling a munchy, crunchy turkey puzzle.

Young Readers in the Kitchen

Kids can use a biscuit cutter or a round cookie cutter to cut a circle from whole wheat bread to make a turkey body.


Turkey Puzzle Snack


  • Wheat bread
  • Apple
  • Carrot sticks
  • Red grape
  • Biscuit cutter or round cookie cutter
  • Drinking straw


  1. Cut a circle from whole wheat bread.
  2. Lay carrot sticks around the top of the bread circle to form a tail.
  3. Slice the bottom off a red grape to make a head.
  4. Use a straw to make two small circles from an apple slice. Attach these to the grape. The juice from the apple will make them stick.
  5. Two strips of apple or two carrot sticks can be used for legs.
  6. A wattle can be cut from a small piece of apple and a small triangle of carrot makes a great beak.
    Turkey Puzzle Snack




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