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Coffee Filter Snowflakes

This activity was inspired by The Snowy Day. To learn more about the book and to see all of our Snowy Day activities, click here


Making paper snowflakes is a childhood tradition that has been going on forever. Fill your house with a blizzard of these airy flakes to celebrate winter, even there's no snow outside your window. 


Coffee Filter Snowflakes


  • White coffee filters
  • Scissors

Little hands may need a bit of help with the folding part of this project.

  1. Fold the filter in half
  2. Fold in half again.
  3. Fold in half again.
  4. Let your reader cut different shapes into the filter, or have them draw a design and then cut along lines.
  5. Unfold and admire!
  6. Repeat many, many times, with as many designs as you can think of!



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