Make Way for Ducklings
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Make Way for Ducklings Book Play

Not ready to put Make Way for Ducklings back on the shelf? See our full Make Way for Ducklings post with recipe, art activity, and more!


Book Play

Waddle! Waddle!

For book play this week, ask your reader to imagine that they are one of the Mallard ducklings and waddle in a straight line. Join in the fun and waddle too, maybe having your little duckling follow you just as the ducklings followed faithfully behind Mrs. Mallard. 

Make a Duck Nest

Mr. and Mrs. Mallard build a nest in a cozy spot on an island in the Charles River. If you are really in the spirit, gather mud, grass, leaves, small twigs and pine needles and let your reader try creating a small nest.


Where in the World is Boston?

Get out your globe or map of the United States and show your young reader how to find Boston, Massachusetts, where the Mallard family makes their home.  Identify where you live as well and where Boston is in relation to your home.


Boston Public Garden

If you are lucky enough to live in or near Boston, or will be traveling there soon, take advantage of the opportunity to see where the Mallard family lived.

The beautiful Boston Public Gardens has many kid-friendly attractions, including the swan boats featured in the book, and a the Boston Common Frog Pond. During the Duckling Day Parade, held on Mother's Day, "children and their families will retrace the steps of Mr. and Mrs. Mallard and their family of eight ducklings."

Since 1987 there has been a statue of Mrs. Mallard leading her ducklings in the Boston Public Garden, created by artist Nancy Schön,

A similar sculpture by the same artist can be seen in Moscow. It was a gift from Mrs. Barbara Bush to Mrs. Gorbachev as a part of the START treaty. 


Learn About Mallard Ducks

With the trusty National Geographic Mallard Duck Creature Feature, you and your young reader can see pictures of male and female ducks and ducklings and learn fun facts about their habitat, what they eat, and more. 



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