We're Going on a Bear Hunt Book Play
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Squelch Squerch Finger Painting

These activities were inspired by We're Going on a Bear Hunt . To learn more about the book and to see all our Bear Hunt activities, click here


Can you imagine what it felt like to squelch and squerch through the mud while going on a bear hunt? Get a good feel for it by finger painting with a glorious mixture of mud and glue. Adding glue to the mixture helps to prevent cracking as the masterpiece dries.

If you have fun finger painting you could also try toe painting or making a footprint painting. Maybe your young reader would enjoy painting a cave or a portrait of the bear with the mud. Be sure to have plenty of paper ready for this fun adventure, as one masterpiece will surely not be enough!

Mud Fingerpaint

Mud Fingerpaint Guidelines

There is no exact way to create your mud mixture:

  1. Put a scoop of dirt in your chosen container, add water and stick your hands in to mix up some mud. Add more water if it’s too dry. 
  2. Once the desired consistency has been made, squirt in a nice amount glue and mix again. Young reader hands will have a great time squishing together oozy components of this art medium! 
  3. When you are done mixing, let the finger painting begin!

  Mud Finger painting


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