We're Going on a Bear Hunt
Squelch Squerch Finger Painting

We're Going on a Bear Hunt Book Play

These activities were inspired by We're Going on a Bear Hunt . To learn more about the book and to see all our Bear Hunt activities, click here

Watch author Michael Rosen read and act out We're Going on a Bear Hunt! His enthusiasm and mannerisms are unparalleled!

Learn About Brown Bears

 Learn bears facts, see wonderful pictures and hear bear sounds with the San Diego Zoo's Brown Bear Animal Bytes. Scroll down to the bottom of the quick Facts box and click on the brown bear sound byte to hear a real brown bear.

We're Going to Find a Big One

Get ready to go on a bear hunt of your own! Follow the story, acting out each page. Some ideas:

  • How would you make your way through the long, wavy grass and the deep, cold river?
  • Would you pick your feet up high while going through the thick, oozy mud? 
  • How would you walk through a big, dark forest full of scary sounds? Make your way through the story and see if you would do it like the family in the book.

Don't forget to pack some Cherry Almond Butter sandwiches. They work equally well as sustenance or Bear Bait. Then, while you are out on the hunt, collect some dirt to try Squelch Squerch Finger Painting.



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