Olivia's Black, White and Red Spaghetti
Olivia Jackson Pollock Painting

Olivia Book Play: Learning about Jackson Pollock

These activities were inspired by Olivia . To learn more about the book and to see all our Olivia activities, click here

Learn All About Jackson Pollock

A portion of the Jackson Pollock painting Autumn Rhythm #30 is featured in Olivia. Upon seeing it at the museum, Olivia is quite sure that she could "do that in about five minutes." This provides the perfect opportunity to explore one of the great American artists with the following videos, links, and info!


The following video comes directly from the MoMA site. Have some fun learning about how Jackson Pollock created his paintings. It’s really fun!


Virtual Drip Painting

Your young reader (and you too, it's addictive!) will love to try his or her hand at making a virtual Jackson Pollock drip painting. You can also download the Jackson Pollock iPhone app. Check out one of my creations:

Virtual Jackson Pollock Drip Painting


Inside Scoop

In the Jackson Pollock edition of Inside Scoop designed especially for kids from the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., you and your reader can read a biography of the artist, see examples of his work and pictures of him painting, and find more children's books featuring his paintings. 



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