The Apple Pie Tree
Apple Pie Parfaits

The Apple Pie Tree Book Play

These activities were inspired by The Apple Pie Tree. Learn more about the book and see even more Apple Pie activities here


The Life Cycle of an Apple Tree

Young readers will be fascinated by this exploration of an apple tree, from seed to apple, through the seasons. It's one thing to see it from one page to the next in the book, but to actually watch the seed sprout, tree grow, leaves rustle, and hear the birds, all in just under 2 minutes, really makes the pattern come alive! 


Pick Your Own Apples (and pumpkins, peaches, corn, even Christmas trees!)

Not everyone has an apple tree growing in their backyard (if you do, you are awfully lucky!), but thankfully there are Pick Your Own farms. One of our favorite sites is Pick Your Own, which features a state by state guide to farms, pumpkin patches, and farm stands, plus recipes for everything from homemade pumpkin pie to jams and jellies. 


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