The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything
Scarecrow Trail Mix

Scarecrow Banner

This art project was inspired by The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything. To learn more about the book and see all of our Little Old Lady activities, click here

What a fun book for this season when so many things tend to be scary!  This little old lady shows young readers how to transform an object that can apper spooky into something fun and helpful. How many times has a scratching at the window really just been a branch? Instead of being afraid of the pumpkin head and disembodied clothing, the little old woman uses her imagination to make the pumpkin head a happy, helpful fellow and no longer something to scare her. 

Likewise, each of the scary things in the book come together to make this happy fellow who will help to keep all scary things away!

This activity focuses on fine motor skills: grasping the sponge builds strength, and controlling the direction of the sponge's strokes builds control. Painting a variety of shapes to form the scarecrow, from the round, orange, pumpkin head to the straight green legs, also incorporates shape and color skill practice into a fun painting activity. 




Scarecrow Banner


  • brown paper grocery bag or a length of butcher paper
  • paint
  • sponges (We used a 6-pack of inexpensive rectangular sponges, then cut each sponge in half, making it more manageable for small hands.)
  1. If using a brown paper bag, cut out each side panel using the fold lines as a guide. This will give you one long piece made of the front, bottom, back of the bag.  You can also cut a length off a roll of butcher paper to make your banner.
  2. Pour a small amount of paint into containers.  Dip 1 edge of a sponge into the chosen color and apply paint to brown paper banner. 
  3.  Display!


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