The Knight and the Dragon
Knight and Dragon Kabobs

Shining Aluminum Foil Sculptures

This art activity was inspired by The Knight and the Dragon. To learn more about the book and to see all of our The Knight and the Dragon activities, click here.


Inspired by the shining armor worn by the knights in the days of dragons and duels, encourage your young reader to experiment with aluminum foil as art medium. The fun of this activity is the exploration and imagination used in exploring with an everyday kitchen staple in a totally unexpected way.

Will the foil become an animal, a building, a bracelet, or a piece of modern art? Will it stand along alone or will your young artist decide to glue to foil to paper or cardboard? Will the foil need a bit color added with markers or paint? Be ready for lots of exploration as little fingers twist, roll, cut, fold, maybe glue or staple, and perhaps even color this kitchen workhorse into something glorious.


Tin Foil Aluminum Sculptures


Aluminum Foil Sculptures

  1. Cut or tear off various sizes of aluminum foil.
  2. Shape as desired!


Be prepared for dragons or knights, bracelets and rings, shiny crowns, dogs, snakes, swords, or family portraits... the possibilities are endless!


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