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Penguin Parfaits

This recipe was inspired by One Cool Friend by Toni Buzzeo. To learn more about the book and to see all our One Cool Friend activities, click here

One of the many activities Elliot and Magellan do in their first days of friendship is snack on goldfish crackers while Elliot looks through books about penguins. For a sweet take on that perennial childhood snack, we used Cookies and Cream Goldfish for layering in a parfait inspired by the graphic black and white illustrations in One Cool Friend. 

And speaking of goldfish crackers, you might also enjoy trying Homemade Cheesy Snack Crackers. Use a small small fish cookie cutter to make Homemade Goldfish crackers!

Penguin Parfaits

Young Readers in the Kitchen

Once the pudding is made, kids can completely make parfaits by themselves. Set out all three ingredients and watch as their sense of accomplishment grows! 

For additional fun and sorting practice, set out a small plate of the Cookies and Cream Goldfish and have young readers place the chocolate and graham goldfish in two separate piles for two different layers in the parfait. 


Penguin Parfaits


  1. In a small, clear glass (we used a small jam jar), layer all ingredients as desired. These parfaits can be chilled for several hours before the goldfish get soggy.


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