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Found Object Bird

This craft was inspired by A Home for Bird. To learn more about the book and see all our A Home for Bird activities, click here

Using Vernon’s fondness for foraging for found objects (can you say that 3 times really fast?)  and his special friendship with Bird as inspiration, see what treasures your young reader can find in the recycling bin and on the art shelf to create a one of a kind sculpture of Bird.

Found Object Bird Craft  Found Object Bird Craft

What You Will Need

The possibilities are endless on what supplies could be used to create Bird. Your young reader’s imagination is sure to kick in to high gear so stand back and enjoy watching the creation of a masterpiece. As you can see in the photos our Bird is made from clothespins, the cardboard tube from bathroom tissue, a cup from an egg carton, craft sticks, buttons, and a scrap of felt.

How We Did Ours

  1. Our Bird was made by painting the clothespins with red and yellow stripes and then painting the cardboard tube, egg carton cup and craft sticks blue. 
  2. Once the pieces were dry, the egg carton cup was glued on top of the tube for a head and the craft sticks were glued on the back of the tube for feathers. 
  3. The buttons were glued on the egg carton cup for eyes and the felt scrap was added as a beak.
  4. The clothespins were clipped on the bottom of the tube as legs and pieces of fun foam were glued on as the feet.

However, let your young reader take the lead in how they want to make their Bird. Their own creativity may lead you in directions you never thought of! 

Why We Like It

  • Using found objects to create art is such a fun exercise for the imagination and encourages creativity.


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