Watercolor and Salt Painting
Unusually Large Paper Bag Radish

The Further Tale of Peter Rabbit

By Emma Thompson
Illustrated by Eleanor Taylor

Fans of the mischievous little Peter Rabbit rejoice! The wonderful and talented Emma Thompson has brought us a new adventure to enjoy with Beatrix Potter’s beloved character.

So often, we as readers are left feeling disappointed when an author produces work to continue the stories of another author. Allow yourself a sigh of relief for that is not the case with this tale. It is as if Peter himself helped Miss Thompson and illustrator Eleanor Taylor produce this book. Be prepared to thoroughly enjoy this new romp with Peter through the Scottish countryside as he crosses paths with some familiar faces and introduces us to some new friends.

Activities coming up this week: 

  • Make your own giant radish!
  • Peter eats tasty potato scones for breakfast while in Scotland. Make these delicious treats with your young reader.



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