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A Basketful of Easter Activities

Dear friends, 

Happy spring and happy Easter! Peter Cottontail will be coming down the bunny trail in a just a few days so we thought we would round up our Easter activities in an easy guide. Celebrate Easter with some of these recipes or crafts, and enjoy the holiday with your family and young readers!

Dyeing eggs and watching the Easter Beagle are yearly traditions in our house. How do you celebrate Easter? Does your young reader have a favorite Easter book or activity? 

Easter Books

An Egg is Quiet

An Egg is Quiet is a magical, enchanting picture book that celebrates eggs of all kinds and the important role they have in our world. From tiny to giant, slimy to fossilized, readers are introduced to more than 60 types of eggs from a variety of creatures that swim in the sea, fly in the sky, or live on the land. Try the What's Under the Shell? science experiment, play in the mud with Build Your Own Bird's Nest, and make  delicious Eggs in a Nest Bread- perfect for your Easter feast. 

The Easter Egg

The Easter Egg is everything you could want from an Easter book. The story itself is engaging, heartwarming, and subtly teaches lessons about doing your best and not getting discouraged when faced with a challenge, made even better by the incomparable illustrations of Jan Brett. Check out two activities that help you use up your dyed eggs:  Deviled Egg Dip and Easter Eggshell Mosaics.

The Tale of Peter Rabbit

The Tale of Peter Rabbit is probably the number one classic children's book. Although not an Easter book, the rabbit and garden theme makes it a popular choice for this time of year. Included is a recipe for healthy (and whole wheat) Coco Carrot Snack Cake, as well as Carrot and Parsley Salad, while aactivities include Peter Rabbit Book Play and Carrot Rabbit Stamps. Also check out The Further Tale of Peter Rabbit by Emma Thompson!


More Recipes and Activities for Easter

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