Chengdu Could Not, Would Not Fall Asleep
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Off the Shelf Shop: Chengdu Could Not, Would Not Fall Asleep

We're back with another Off the Shelf Shop, this time for Chengdu Could Not, Would Not Fall Asleep. Extend story time and bring the book alive with these enchanting products. 


This Panda Stamp from shop Nuukk captures all the charm of Saltzberg's illustrations and reminds me of the artwork on the back flap of Chengdu! 



Handmade and perfect for cuddling, this adorable Panda Hand Puppet is sure to bring Chengdu's story alive. Shop Coldham Cuddlies also features a variety of puppets, plush toys, and slippers all handmade from vintage and modern patterns.  More panda picks include a Panda Doll and these Panda Slippers that can be custom made for you or young reader! Also check out the shop's blog!


Know of an item that fits with Chengdu? Let us know in the comments!

P.S. We have no affiliation with these sites and receive no compensation for featuring the products.


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Isobel Morrell (@Coldhamcalling)

Coldham Cuddlies Pandas are all very honoured to have been mentioned in connection with Chengdu - and hope that we help to solve the sleeping crisis.

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