The Night of Las Posadas

By Tomie dePaola

As Tomie dePaola so perfectly explains in the introduction of the book, "Las Posadas, an old Spanich custom which celebrated Mary and Joesph seeking shelter in Bethlehem on Christmas Eve, stems from the word posada, meaning 'inn.' It began in Spain and came to the New World, first to Mexico and then to the American Southwest." The Night of Las Posadas tells the story of one of these celebrations as imagined by the author, taking place in a village in New Mexico. Sister Angie has been celebrating Las Posadas for many, many years, and although she cannot attend this year, it turns out to be the most memorable yet. 

If you are not already familiar with Las Posadas, this book The Night of Las Posadas is the perfect way to introduce your young reader to this special tradition.


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If You Take a Mouse to the Movies

by Laura Numeroff

Illustrated by Felicia Bond

In If You Take a Mouse to the Movies, Mouse returns for more holiday fun and chaos that includes snacking, snow play, ornament making, and GLITTER! Hilarious fun for occupying young readers during these fidgety days of December. 

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Olivia Helps with Christmas

Dear Friends,

I have many talents. I can lasso a horse, make an excellent grilled cheese, and dance in high heels, but I CANNOT SING. Can't carry a tune in a bucket. But do I let this stop me? NO. Especially at Christmas. The more I can belt out a chorus (Think "Angels We Have Heard on High) the louder and more joyfully I share my non-gift with world. This talent started at the tender age of 3, when I earned quite the reputation for putting my feet on the table and singing through the entirety of every family meal. This would be about the same time that I decided on my lifelong career of being a Radio City Music Hall Rockette. C'est la vie! 

After learning this interesting fact about me, you will understand why Olivia Helps with Christmas is a book that is dear to my heart. Enjoy!


Olivia Helps with Christmas

by Ian Falconer

In true Olivia fashion, our favorite little pig’s enthusiasm for life and all things Christmas creates laugh out loud entertainment for readers while exhausting her family with her helpful attitude.
Olivia Helps With Christmas - Off the Shelf
Ian Falconer is obviously very familiar with young children, as his books resonate with adults who have an Olivia of their own or who perhaps were an Olivia themselves once upon a time. The story is highly entertaining but told with heart in a beautifully understated manner that allows the characters to shine.
Olivia Helps With Christmas - Off the Shelf
Smiles and giggles are guaranteed for both grownups and children as we follow Olivia through her family’s Christmas preparations. From helping to set the table to leading the Santa watch, Olivia Helps With Christmas is a true joy.

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Gingerbread Baby

By Jan Brett

 A delicious twist on a classic favorite, Gingerbread Baby is a story within a story about a fun-filled romp through a tiny Swiss village and into the forest. Matti makes the mistake of peeking into the oven just a bit too soon as Gingerbread Baby is baking and our mischievous little cookie takes advantage of the open oven door to make a quick escape. 

Gingerbread Baby by Jan Brett - Off the Shelf

Gingerbread Baby by Jan Brett - Off the Shelf
A varied cast of characters joins in the chase to catch the puckish little treat, but it is Matti who stays home and bakes up a sweet plan in the borders on each page that entices Gingerbread Baby back home.

Gingerbread Baby by Jan Brett - Off the Shelf

Jan Brett’s beautifully detailed paintings and a fun lift-the-flap feature bring the story to life so much that you will practically smell the gingerbread baking. Each page is so richly illustrated that readers will find themselves discovering something new and wonderful each time the book is opened. This is certain to become a must read holiday classic!

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