Crêpes by Suzette

Monica Wellington


Bonjour! Would you like take a trip with us to see the sights and hear the sounds of Paris? How would your young reader like to whirl on a carousel or sail a toy boat in the Luxembourg Gardens? With all that activity, you will surely need to stop for a goûter to keep you going!

Do all this and more (and before nap time too!) with Crêpes by Suzette, a picture book-turned-app by Monica Wellington. Travel around Paris with Suzette and her crêpe cart and meet her many customers, all of whom are inspired by subjects of famous works of art (such as a ballet dancer who looks very much like Degas's Little Dancer). 

While traditional picture books can never be replaced, the Crêpes by Suzette app is the perfect example of how a book can be enhanced by technology. Choose between reading the story yourself or having it read aloud, with each word highlighted as it is spoken. Or, read or hear the story in six different languages! As you dive into the story, you will hear the background sounds of Paris, the music, laugher, and bits of conversation that will immediately transport you to the City of Lights. As a bonus, on each page you will find features including photos and videos of Parisian scenes, a French vocabulary word with its translation into six languages, and the art history that inspired each of Suzette's customers.

And we can't forget the crepes! We are big fans of picture books that include a recipe at the end, such as Old Black Witch and The Apple Pie Tree. In the Crêpes by Suzette app, you will find a recipe and video so you can make crêpes at home, and ideas for both sweet and savory fillings (plus find one below). Bon apetit!

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How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World

by Marjorie Priceman

Take a fun filled romp around the world and see apple pie in a whole new way. When the market is closed, the young heroine go directly to the sources for the necessary ingredients, be it England, France, or Sri Lanka, and still makes it home in time to make her pie. Apple pie may be the typical American dessert, but this book shows us that it's flavors of the world that make it so delicious. This is the tastiest geography lesson we've ever come across!

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Apple Farmer Annie


Dear Friends, 

Welcome back to Off the Shelf! We are back after some time off to refocus, redesign our site, and discover some new treasures in the world of children's literature. We are also changing the format and schedule of our posts: Each Wednesday, we will publish all content for the book of the week. We feel that this will be a simpler way to present our content and inspire you and your young readers to discover and enjoy these great books.

Autumn is our favorite time of year, the time of fresh starts with a new school year and the shift in seasons. It is truly the season for the senses: the smell, sound, and color of rustling leaves, the aroma of spices wafting from the kitchen, and the delicious taste of apple and pumpkin in everything from soup and salads to pies and parfaits. Autumn also brings us a wealth of wonderful books to enjoy and spark imaginations. So come join us with the first of our fall book pick for this year!


Apple Farmer Annie

by Monica Wellington

Nothing says autumn like crisp, juicy apples and we have discovered a fun, little book that celebrates all things apples. Apple Farmer Annie is a charming and cheery book fill with bright primary colors, simple shapes and detailed pages that are fun to explore over and over again to discover something new.

Apple Farmer Annie 1

Set on Annie’s apple farm, readers have the fun of following Annie through her chores of harvesting, sorting, and counting apples; making delicious treats with her apples (recipes included); and heading off to market to sell her produce.

Apple Farmer Annie 2

Apple Farmer Annie 3

Monica Wellington has written a book that is both educational and entertaining and inspires young minds to think beyond apples as a simple fruit, to explore the many varieties, think about where they come from, and the many foods that can be made with them. Apple Farmer Annie is a wonderful addition to any fall reading list.


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Gingerbread Baby

By Jan Brett

 A delicious twist on a classic favorite, Gingerbread Baby is a story within a story about a fun-filled romp through a tiny Swiss village and into the forest. Matti makes the mistake of peeking into the oven just a bit too soon as Gingerbread Baby is baking and our mischievous little cookie takes advantage of the open oven door to make a quick escape. 

Gingerbread Baby by Jan Brett - Off the Shelf

Gingerbread Baby by Jan Brett - Off the Shelf
A varied cast of characters joins in the chase to catch the puckish little treat, but it is Matti who stays home and bakes up a sweet plan in the borders on each page that entices Gingerbread Baby back home.

Gingerbread Baby by Jan Brett - Off the Shelf

Jan Brett’s beautifully detailed paintings and a fun lift-the-flap feature bring the story to life so much that you will practically smell the gingerbread baking. Each page is so richly illustrated that readers will find themselves discovering something new and wonderful each time the book is opened. This is certain to become a must read holiday classic!

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The Apple Pie Tree

by Zoe Hall
Illustrated by Shari Halpern

Following two young girls and their apple tree through the seasons, The Apple Pie Tree teaches readers how an apple tree goes from being bare and brown in the winter to full of color and delicious apples in the fall.

Told as a simple nature story, information on how bees and weather and even robins are a part of the tree's life will fascinate budding naturalists. Cut-paper collages by Shari Halpern add picture book charm and make readers feel they are a part of family’s adventure with their apple tree.


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