Sneakers, the Seaside Cat

by Margaret Wise Brown
illustrated by Anne Mortimer

Sneakers, the Seaside Cat is the story of "a little fat cat" who travels with his family for a seaside vacation. Sneakers uses all his senses to explore new experiences, from the roar of waves and the rolling in of the fog to all the curious animals that inhabit the sand and water. 

Margaret Wise Brown is one of our all-time favorite picture book authors, with her characteristic rich descriptions and child-friendly narratives. Whether your young reader has experienced the beach or not, this story will bring it alive, so you can almost smell the salty sea air and feel the sand beneath your feet. Enjoy!

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Bats at the Ballgame

by Brian Lies

Hello everyone!

What could be more summer than baseball? Whether you are a baseball fan or not, Bats at the Ballgame is a fun adventure to share with your young reader. Join the bats as they swoop through the nine innings of joy and drama of a baseball game, bat-style. As in Bats at the Library, every reading will reveal new delightful details in the illustrations, from a bat-ified MLB logo to a reference to Lou Gherig. 

Although the All-Star Game marked the halfway point of this year's season, there is still plenty of time to enjoy America's favorite summer pastime. Bat-ter up!

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Blueberries for Sal

by Robert McCloskey

Beloved author Robert McCloskey wrote and illustrated Blueberries for Sal, a gentle adventure story that won the Caldecott Honor Book award in 1949. From the minute you open the cover you will feel yourself relax and be drawn into the world of Little Sal and Little Bear.

The beautiful two-page introductory illustration of Sal and her mother canning blueberries sets the tone for this sweet book filled with just enough suspense that young readers will be holding their breath in anticipation. The gentle humor of two mothers' mix-up will appeal to kids’ sense of humor and the detailed blue-black illustrations allow readers to feel they too are on Blueberry Hill on a beautiful, sunny day. A true classic every book lover will treasure for years to come.


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by Bruce Degen

Hello friends!

It's almost summer, and that means one thing: Berry Season! Whether the juicy jems have arrived at your Farmer's markets or you still have a few weeks to wait, you can celebrate the mouthwatering bounty with this week's book. 

Bruce Degen has captured the essence of early summer joy and given us the delicious gift Jamberry. Your days will be filled with chanting and rhyming once you are under the spell of this tale of a boy and a bear as they frolic their way through a silly and magical adventure in Berryland.

The text is whimsical and fun and moves along with a musical, poetic beat sure to enchant everyone within earshot, as this book is best read aloud. Adding to the frivolity are the joyful, engaging illustrations. Each page is a seek-and-find of well-placed treats that only add to the joy of returning to these pages over and over again. 

As You Read

Make a game of finding as many of the silly details as possible. Can your young reader find the marshmallow cattails? the butter pat water lilies? 

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