My Heart is Like a Zoo

By Michael Hall

Filled with more than 300 hearts for young readers to spot and count, My Heart Is Like a Zoo (book's site) is a perfect read for Valentine's Day or for any other day of the year. Although filled with illustrations of animals made from hearts, according to Michael Hall's webstie the true inspiration for the book is how the heart holds every different feeling. 

Drawing upon his enormous talent as a graphic designer, Michael created an animal out of hearts to illustreate a myriad of feelings. This is a book to return to over and over again and quite possibly spot a new heart each and every time. 

Also from Michael Hall: Perfect Square

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It's Valentine's Day

Dear Friends,

Valentine's Day is a great time to be a kid. There's excitement in the air, crafts to make, envelopes to address, and SUGAR! There's none of the ridiculous pressures of a grown-up's Valentine's Day, and without even realizing it, kids are generally much more excited about giving than receiving. If you are a kid, who cares what Valentine's you get (unless you are Charlie Brown!), it's all about making or choosing the right Valentine to give to each friend. Or mom. 

Enjoy this Valentine week: spread some glue, sprinkle some glitter, and have some sugar!


It's Valentine's Day

by Jack Prelutsky

Illustrated by Marilyn Hafner

 Jack Prelutsky once again gives readers a book of poetry that celebrates a holiday from a child's point of view with It's Valentine's Day. Full of poems about scissors, glue, kids friendships, and chocolate, this book truly gets to the heart of how the pint sized set like to celebrate.

From I Made My Dog a Valentine, to My Special Cake,  Prelutsky writes poems about the real life of kids and the things that have most likely happened to them. The poems are humorous, fun to roll off the tongue and read over and over again. Paired with entertaining illustrations by Marilyn Hafner, this book is sure to be a perennial hit each and every February.


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